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For many beaches and holidays go together. Old favourites are still popular, and new choices are becoming available all of the time.

For those with more limited time, then a short flight to Europe from the UK is the best option. In summer, the Mediterranean is the place to go. Traditional beach favourites are still the French Riviera, Spain, Portugal and Greece. A recent addition to the list and worth now considering is Croatia, with hundreds of small resorts along its long coastline, many of which are still relatively unspoilt, having only recently started to be developed for modern tourism.

More distant beaches will be the attraction for those with more time or travelling during the UK winter months. The Caribbean, South East Asia and the Indian Ocean all have stunning beaches.

Moxley & Co specialists have visited many of the destinations that we feature and can offer advice on the ones that will suit your needs and tastes – from glamorous places to be seen in Mauritius and the Maldives to discrete hideaways in the Andaman Islands, Pacific and Brazil. We will be delighted to help you plan your next beach holiday.