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Where to go for a romantic holiday or weekend? An idyllic island in the Indian Ocean such as the Maldives or Seychelles? A chic Caribbean island such as St Barts or Mustique? A sophisticated city with exclusive restaurants, shows and events, such as Paris or Venice? Somewhere away from it all, such as a secluded lodge in the unspoilt wilds of Canada or Patagonia? The choice is almost endless. Most people have their favourite places. In addition, Moxley & Co specialists have their own list of favourites that they will happily share with you.

Once you have chosen your romantic destination, our specialists can handle all the arrangements. We can also help by offering suggestions to add even more romance to your holiday with those extra special romantic extras and experiences that really do make the difference.

As a member of Traveller Made, the exclusive organisation for the world’s top travel companies, we have special relationships with many hotels and suppliers who can provide the additional romantic ‘twist’. So whilst a holiday in Paris can be special, it can be extra special if you can have dinner on the terrace of your room overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Or on a holiday to Dubai one evening, you can have an intimate dinner for two with waiter service under the stars in the middle of the desert.