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Europe is the cradle of modern culture and civilisation with history dating back many centuries.

Where better to start than Greece with its historic sights and relaxed, picturesque islands. Italy too has much to offer as the birthplace of the Romans, great painters an sculptors and home to magnificent historic buildings. France can also claim to have added much to our development especially with its food and wines. Sample exquisite cuisine in Paris or Lyon, taste the wines of Bordeaux or explore chic cities and towns from Deauville to Antibes.

Spain, well known for its beaches, has so much more to offer. Explore the historic cities of Andalucia – Cordoba, Seville and less well known but equally attractive Cadiz. Discover the delights of Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. Across the border lies Portugal. Stretching from the beaches and towns of the Algarve in the south, to Lisbon the starting point for many historic voyages of discovery and still a charming city today and Porto, in the north at the mouth of the beautiful River Douro, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to port wine. Not to be forgotten are Germany and Central Europe with amazing landscapes and alluring towns and cities, many with well preserved memories of bygone eras.

So much to see. Where do you start? Moxley & Co specialists can assist with by matching their knowledge of the sights and experiences of Europe with your interest and time available. We regularly plan personalised, tailor-made holidays to suit many different tastes and interest. Contact us in person, by telephone or email.