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These idyllic islands form part of the northern Leeward Islands. Being slightly off the beaten track, they remain uncommercialised, with a blend of rugged volcanic peaks to climb, forests to explore, world heritage old fortresses to visit, breathtaking views, unusual wildlife, small villages and delightful people.

Separated by two miles, both islands have their own distinct character and unspoiled natural charm. St Kitts (officially named St Christopher) is the larger and livelier of the two, with more varied terrain.

Nevis is an exclusive island retreat – a safe destination with a slow, unhurried pace, friendly people, superb white sandy beaches and perfect scenery. There is plenty to do, including watersports, diving, golf, hiking and rainforests, but not much shopping or nightlife.

Diving and snorkelling are plentiful, with most of the dive sites on the Caribbean side of the islands where the reef starts in shallow water, and you can explore the coral caves and wrecks abundant in fish and other sea creatures of all sizes and colours. Sites include Turtle Reef and Pump Bay on St Kitts or Oualie Beach on Nevis.

A two-centre holiday makes a wonderful combination to enjoy the Grand plantation houses of St Kitts and the tranquillity of St Nevis.


Flying Time: Flights with a touchdown in Antigua 10 hours, 15 minutes

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Golf at Frigate Bay, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Annual Festivals, walking in the mountains, Island Tours.



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