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Where to find the best steaks in Buenos Aires?

This is a question many people ask us. The bad news is that there is no simple answer. The good news is that there are so many restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent steak at a reasonable price in the city that you can be almost sure of finding an excellent one.

My favourite restaurant for steaks is Don Julio, which is not far from one of our favourite places to stay – the elegant, boutique hotel – Legado Mitico. Don Julio has been popular for many years, so booking in advance is always wise, especially at weekends.

This is still a traditional steakhouse, frequented by locals and tourists alike, with a vast array of choice cuts of steak from which to choose. It serves only the finest beef from grass-fed herds raised in the countryside around Buenos Aires. The wine list is extensive, so you may need the help of the wine waiters to match a bottle to your taste and budget.

After your meal you are invited to write a message on the label of your bottle of wine (assuming you managed to finish it!) and add it to the display of thousands of others left by previous visitors from around the world. When in Buenos Aires do take the opportunity to enjoy a truly memorable meal at Don Julio.