Attractive Sandoval Lake Lodge, within the Tambopata Candamo Reserve is the only lodge in the area situated on a lake and having instant access to wildlife during the golden-light hours at dawn and dusk when wildlife is most visible, active and photogenic.

Sandoval Lake Lodge is a good choice for shorter or more economical holidays to lowland rain forest. Sandoval Lake is reached by plane to Puerto Maldonado, boat (25 minutes) and a walk or rickshaw ride (45 minutes).

Excursions with naturalist guides explore a flooded forest of Mauritia palms frequented by blue-and-gold and red-bellied macaws. Red howler monkeys, giant river otters, black caimans and birds including prehistoric Shansho, macaws and parrots can all be seen. The lodge has a spacious dining room, communal area with hammocks and bar.

Your accommodation
• The lodge has 25 comfortable rooms with ceiling fans and private showers.
• Guest programmes include all meals and excursions for 2 days (1 night) to 4 days (3 nights).

• Rainforest excursions.
• Dining room.
• Bar.