La Banane is a quirky, gem of a property just a few yards from Lorient Beach. Once known for wild parties thrown by the entertainment world legend Jean Marie Rivière, La Banane has reinvented itself as a totally unique designer villa.

With nine suites this villa is a secret known to just a few cognoscenti and we believe featured for the first time in a UK holiday company’s brochure. Far from the world’s hustle and bustle, this is a place to relax in private or with just a few good friends.

Balmy breezes whisper in the palm trees. Hibiscus blossoms scent the air. The garden is a luxuriant botanical hideaway broken only by the immaculate white walls of the hotel’s buildings and frescos of Cyprien Chabert. The furniture, designed by Pierre Jeanneret for the city of Chandigarh and signed by Charlotte Perriand, Jean Royère or Serge Mouille, makes each room – bedroom, bar or suite – both stylish and comfortable.

With two swimming pools, an outdoor living and dining area for up to 18 people, communal kitchen, bar, lounge and TV room La Banane is like an international connoisseurs’ club for just a few privileged, discerning travellers.

Your accommodation
» Each of the hotel’s 9 cottages has air conditioning and ceiling fan, ensuite bathroom with open shower and private deck.

Hotel facilities
» 1 gazebo dining area, 1 bar
» 2 swimming pools
» Communal kitchen, barbeque and professional bar
» TV room
» Beach with snorkelling
» Children are welcome