Category: Luxury
Capacity: 40 Passengers
Base: San Cristobal and Baltra

Isabela II offers the efficiency and intimacy of a small yacht as well as the luxury and amenities of a larger ship. Three expert naturalists lead daily hikes and snorkelling to observe incredible Galapagos Islands wildlife. On board, guests can take advantage of a full range of facilities. There is an exercise room on the Boat Deck and a jacuzzi for guests wanting to relax. A shaded bar is positioned on the Boat Deck and ample sun loungers. On the Main Deck is the bar and a large dining room where guests enjoy fine dining. There is also a gift shop and business centre.

Cabins – 20
• Isabela II has comfortable cabins with private bathrooms with showers.

• Isabela II operates three Galapagos cruise itineraries (one 7-day cruises and two 5-day cruises), which can be combined in various ways to create longer 9-, 11- or 15-day cruises